Have you worked hard, reached mid-career and now long for something new, different… more fulfilling?

If you have climbed the career ladder and sacrificed personal interests…

If you aspire to rekindle the passion your professional calling once satisfied –

and lead more of the life you’ve worked so hard to create – then…

Join me for a complimentary presentation developed just for you:

“Beyond Career Success:
Design an Inspired New Path for
Life, Leadership & Legacy”

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You’ve come to the right place if you…

smple-black-checkmark-png-31Find yourself going through the motions in your career without the sense of satisfaction you once enjoyed

smple-black-checkmark-png-31Wonder about how to pursue the purposeful work you love, on your terms with more personal freedom

smple-black-checkmark-png-31Fear you’ll miss out on your bigger dreams, the meaningful involvements or leadership opportunities you seek

smple-black-checkmark-png-31Want to make a career shift, and better evaluate your finances to make the right choices

smple-black-checkmark-png-31Aspire to more both personally and professionally, but aren’t sure how to pull it together…

Yes! I am ready to discover my new possibilities ahead, and how I can have a fuller, more satisfying professional and personal life.

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of what’s most important to you, now. Be confident that
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If that sounds like you, get excited! Because your world is about to change.

I want to show you how to get started designing a more fully satisfying life, after working so hard focused on everyone and everything else for so long! AND how to create a plan to put it all in place. (Yes, you can!)

The simple and elegant model I’m about to share with you is what allowed me to create work I love, while living in an island paradise with the love of my life (finally!), traveling and pursuing involvements I care about, and engaging in activities I enjoy. I’ve even had the opportunity to make legacy-level contributions through projects that utilize not just my resources, but my best skills and preferred interests.

And I have been privileged to help others do the same. You can create your own version of an exceptional life that capitalizes on your experience and expertise, and includes everything most important to you. If you don’t get started now… when?

In this action-oriented presentation you’ll learn:

  • The 8 key elements you must consider at this masterful time of life to create true life satisfaction
  • How to most effectively decide what’s important to you now, after a focus primarily on responsibilities for other people
  • The biggest factor that can stop you from going for what you really want, or paralyze your progress (this is a bigger issue than your financial security)
  • What do to when not if obstacles present themselves as you begin to move in a new direction
  • The most important steps to take to make the move from where you are now to where you want to go – quickly, smoothly… and without regret
  • And so much more…

How do I know this can help you get where you want to go next?

My own journey with career changes, the need to learn the business of practice, build it, and then sell it to move into both the work AND life I truly enjoy now — whew! Well putting that all together was not so easy for me. Figuring it all out – how to combine interests, reinvent myself, find the right opportunities, and change directions – took longer than I would have preferred. But if I can do it, so can you (and I can show you how). Along the way, a number of personal experiences made me realize there was much more to do with my life, experience, and career success. Too often, I struggled through these changes on my own, with very little support or guidance. (That’s why I especially recommend you join me to learn more).

The best part?

Using my own experiences – and work with clients making similar changes – I was able to ‘crack the code’ on how to create greater fulfillment in both life and career quickly, easily and comprehensively. (And deal with the challenges that inevitably come up along the way!)

I can’t wait to show you exactly how to design your inspired life filled with everything that is important to you.

Join Dolly for this complimentary presentation and
discover how to take your life and work in
a new, more fulfilling direction!

You’ll also receive periodic content from Dolly including powerful articles, tips, special offers and invitations,
so you can realize more of what’s most important to you, now.
Be confident that we never share your information with any third parties, ever, period.

(A recorded replay will be available if you cannot attend live)

dollytreesPresented By

Dolly Garlo, RN, JD, Board Certified Business, Leadership & Legacy Coach

Dolly Garlo became known as The Mid-Career Reinvention Expert after reinventing her own life several times. Her journey took her from critical care registered nurse, to attorney, where she built and then sold a successful health care law practice. Along the way, she transformed her family’s farm into the Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve – the solution to a problem that pioneered a park system. All that unfolded while she shifted into consulting work as a board certified professional coach. Her redesigned life included unexpectedly finding happiness in marriage, and engaging in pursuits as an author, speaker, environmental advocate, philanthropist and champion of women’s leadership.

 Dolly combines the best of her experience and expertise to assist other masterful professionals contemplating a “second act” or a new path, wondering about a different direction – and a life more fully realized… when they hear that calling at mid-career and beyond.

If you are ready to create a plan for that journey, Dolly can help you realize all your aspirations, so you can

  • engage in great work you love
  • confidently use your leadership capacity to influence what matters to you
  • make the biggest impact possible for the people, places and things you truly care about… and
  • create a fuller, more inspired and personally satisfying life

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