Time Flies on a Professional Career and Life Path

I haven’t publicly shared that much detail about my own path – the changes I’ve made, or why. I thought that hearing my story may help others realize the changes that are also available to them. I haven’t always done things right, or the easiest and fastest way. I guess that’s why I’m so committed to helping others do that differently! If you’ve reached a point of mid-career success, there is so much more to come – including important choices to maximize your life experience. Let’s explore another key point to consider.

Often much of life gets set aside along a career path, and some of that sacrifice is definitely worth it. There are other parts of life too precious to lose.  In my last note, I wrote about one of the first epiphanies on my own ‘road of professional evolution.’ Here is another one you may relate to:

Ah ha #2: time flies

It’s true whether your life is full and you’re having fun in addition to challenging and interesting work – or whether you find yourself lamenting that there are things missing, or things you’d yet like to do but have not… In my experience, depending on your circumstances, this starts to happen in your mid-forties.

They say “Life Begins At Forty” – and I can attest that it really does – but the next couple decades go by soooooooo fast. Almost before you realize life has begun, you may start to realize that you may not be living it as fully as you’d like. Or worse, it can be too late to fit in everything you thought you’d get to. I learned that lesson from my professional mother – the hard way.


My mother. Maria, was a pioneering professional woman who encouraged me to aspire to more, and live a full and happy life. She used to tell me “You can do and have anything you want.”

I believed her, and yet, as refugees and immigrants making their way in a new country, the example both my folks set was one of hard work and sacrifice. My mom enjoyed her work and was proud of it. Trained in Eastern Europe as a physician, she had to prove herself here in the U.S., and accomplished that, becoming the first female anesthesiologist in NW Ohio. Pioneer that she was, she never saw the inside of the “physician’s lounge” because she was the only woman physician on the hospital staff.

She worked in the same manner well after we were all out of college, creating our own professional lives – in that typical “work until you retire and then wonder what comes next” fashion.  But between work and family, doing that left her with little time for herself or to pursue other interests and talents.

My mother, myself

What came next was that she passed away prior to really fulfilling her own possibilities – or even figuring out what she really wanted for her life – after focusing on everyone and everything else around her for decades.

Truth was, I was following a similar path, and I wasn’t sure how to approach life much differently. I was in my mid-forties then and there was so much more I’d wanted to experience with her – let alone for my own life. But there was no time left to share it with her.

She left this world having had a good life she was exceptionally grateful for AND with a lot left unfulfilled. Because of that, her encouragement became my unspoken promise to her. It became my obligation to fully live the life she’d sacrificed so much for me to have, do meaningful work, and extract as much joy as possible…  That life also had to include being generous and giving back. That began my change-filled path to create more of all that in my life and career before there was no more time to do it.  Because there is no time like the present…

Helping others do the same is precisely what I focus on now. Life really is too short not to experience as much of it as possible. And time accelerates with each passing year. 

If any part of this resonates with where you are now, here’s what I know: you deserve to have

  • Clear Design that captures what you most want now for your life, work, relationships and preferred involvements
  • a Customized Plan to put it in place quickly and easily (and overcome the challenges that can interfere), and
  • the Confidence that comes from being prepared to move decisively in a more fulfilling direction

because the angst and waste of time that can otherwise result is definitely not a great use of your life energy.

New-DirectionsQuiz-PSmC.pngSo if you haven’t done it yet, click here to take my New Directions Quiz – it is a great first step to assess where you are on your own path, and where you may want to go next!

And if you have taken it, let me know what your best next move forward is toward what you really want for your life!

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