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The Masterful Life Redesign Program

Live, Work, Lead and Contribute with Renewed Purpose and Greater Fulfillment

THE essential program uniquely developed for accomplished professionals and senior executives in business and government service who reach mid-career, early or full financial retirement ready for something more… new… different…  who want to meaningfully use their experience and expertise to create a better world through their work and other involvements, and to live with more personal satisfaction.

This program is delivered in two formats:
via Private 1:1 Coaching, or an intimate Small Group Coaching Mastermind

When it’s time to feel more inspired in your day to day activities, pursue work with a greater sense of purpose, make a bigger contribution and enjoy more of the life you’ve worked so hard to create… it’s time for a MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign!

Imagine, having:

  • A Clear Design that captures what you most want now for your life, work, relationships and preferred involvements
  • A Customized Plan to bring it to life quickly and easily (and overcome the challenges that can interfere), and
  • The Confidence that comes from being prepared to move decisively in a more fulfilling direction

The MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign Program provides
 the most comprehensive whole-life planning process available anywhere.
It is systematically delivered to identify the personal interests, resources and opportunities to take you where you want to go next. It includes individual coaching (private or group format), accountability and professional advising, along with both intuitive and strategic consulting and direction, so you can move forward quickly, confident that you have considered everything important to you.

Private 1:1 Coaching

The MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign process is also available to all clients who want to work privately, and get started right away. (Openings are limited, please inquire by scheduling a complimentary initial consultation).

The private format allows us to work together directly, on a schedule that works best for you. We can cover all the material from the MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign program as it applies to you, focusing more or less on various topics AND on other subjects or concerns unique to your situation.

As professional licensed nurse and lawyer, as well as a trained and board certified coach, here’s what I’d like you to know about coaching.  A great professional coach:

  • can help you see the bigger picture, clarify what’s important, focus and implement needed actions to get where you want to go in career and life
  • has only one thing on her agenda: YOU, what you want and how to help you get that
  • helps you accomplish your intended results faster and easier than you could on your own

When was the last time you had that level of personal attention and service? Ever?Imagine where it could take you!
Coaching is an invaluable process for meeting your highest aspirations, that helps remove uncertainty and fear, address challenges and maximize opportunities.

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Clients Share Their Experience

Here’s what a few of them have to say…

“Helped Me Transition… Changed Everything”

I really look forward to our sessions. Well spent “time out” from busy-ness to just think, summarize the past month’s achievements and focus more on the things I haven’t found time for. Sometimes I struggle to explain something I’m having a problem with, but you quickly find a relevant reference to help with my dilemmas! That helps me with Step #1, understanding myself first. I introduced my son to you, and you’ve been a great encouragement to him and his business, too.  If you wouldn’t have helped me transition from my service in the Coast Guard to my real estate business, we probably would have re-located out of the Keys. That would have changed everything. I doubt that my son and his family would have moved to the Keys. Don’t even want to think about that. Thank you!

Jim Smith

Broker Associate and Co-Owner, Florida Keys Real Estate Company. Key West, FL

“The Time Involved To Recreate Myself Would Have Been Too Great”

When we started working together I was running my own family law mediation practice, and considering other possibilities to better address both my work and my personal involvements. Our work helped me focus on other options that were more interesting and exciting for me yet allowed me to use the skills and experience I have already acquired. It opened that creative process and helped me think outside the box.

As a result, rather than thinking that all great opportunities must be out of sight, far away, requiring more education or meeting the right people … we looked closer to home, where I discovered the opportunities right under my nose! If I had not taken the time to stop and think, I may have leapt too far away from my home base, current skills and abilities, and the time involved to recreate myself would have been too great!!

Bonnie J. Helms, Esq.

Monroe County, Florida

“Your Counsel Was Instrumental In Taking The Next Step In My Life’s Journey”
It was a pleasure working with you. At a time in life when I was looking for answers our paths crossed and your counsel was instrumental in taking the next step in my life’s journey. Working with you I was able to bring ideas to the surface that were of interest to me, start a new career, and meet my goal of living a more meaningful and better quality of life. If not for you, I would have still been going to a cubical every day, not much of a life. Today I enjoy my work, appreciate the abundance of time I get with my family, and the adventures I encounter.

May your journey be blessed with the all the best!

Bret G. Pels

FactOne Capital | Pels Realty, Dallas, TX

What coaching is not:

It is not training, advising, directing or mentoring – though these skills can help accelerate the process and I do utilize them. But the process of Coaching is different: first and foremost, it is about working with you on YOUR unique situation and helping you address what YOU actually need to put in place to get what you want. There are too many canned programs out there that take up your time and may be interesting, but simply provide information or teach you about concepts that you may never get implemented.

With a coach, you have a partner whose job is to show up for you, to help you discover what seems hidden from your view so you can get what you need to do DONE. Along the way you also get someone to support, teach, advise and direct you to specific resources you need!

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Evidence From Major Universities:

There is plenty of evidence now that being coached by a trained professional works in sports, dance, executive development, entrepreneurship and business, health, fitness and other personal matters. Coaching works because it maximizes the potential inherent in each individual, helps you identify your unique talents and abilities and apply it all to what you choose to accomplish.
Consequently, universities in the American University, Case Western Reserve, Columbia, Georgetown, Harvard, Northwestern, Rutgers, St. Thomas, UT Dallas and the Universities of Pennsylvania, Miami, Wisconsin-Madisonas well as, internationally such as American University of Sharjah (UAE), Université Lyon III Jean Moulin (FR), Royal Roads University and the University of British Columbia (CAN) – all now have some form of coach training program, and there are dozens of other private programs that have been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) since the 1990’s.

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