How Goes Your Professional Evolution?

The path of evolution – that onward, upward step-by-step journey… It can be a tricky thing, especially if you are feeling “stuck” in any way moving forward. Have you noticed that in your life, too? The desired transformation sometimes requires a little creative hiatus. When it’s time… finally, to be of service to your own interests and dreams… here are some ideas on how you can pull it all together.

Noticing, and then acting to direct your own professional evolution may result from a series of personal epiphanies – those revelations of the “ah ha!” variety.  Maybe you can relate… let me share one that really struck me, and urged me to make changes.

First, assess your situation

Before I do that, I’d really like to share with you my new online assessment tool, called the New Directions Quiz. In less than 5 minutes, it can help you consider where you are on your journey – and where you’d prefer to be. Access it here, no optin needed: and I’ll send you your results!

Anyway, here was my first evolutionary epiphany:

It’s about working to really live (fully), not just living to work

I remember the excitement of starting my career as a critical care registered nurse in the big world of major medical centers. From there, I transitioned to law, and built a health care legal practice. A couple of decades later, I started longing for a new direction, and sold that business to do what I’m doing now. I’d reached that masterful mid-career point when I was 45 years old – and in working with clients, I’ve now seen it occur anywhere from late 30’s to early 60’s. (Even beyond that, there’s a lot more…)

Significant accomplishments, lots of experience and expertise – mastery – and a longing for something more, new, different, greater significance and personal satisfaction…

I was pleased with what I’d accomplished. I’d been around the block, gotten good and proficient in my role as a health care attorney and business owner. That’s when I came to realize what I enjoyed most was the creative and developmental side of working with clients – rather than managing conflict, hard-fought negotiating, handling and attempting to avoid litigation.

The law firm was successful, but even with a team of others, the practice remained my 24/7 responsibility. That nearly caused me to miss spending time with my mother just before she passed. (In truth, sadly, I hadn’t shared nearly enough with her…) The excitement of career gave way to a need to reflect on all the things that I’d set aside, meaningful involvements I hadn’t pursued, and other interests I’d developed.

Don’t get me wrong.

Working and being of service, being a professional, remains a strong value. Just something had to give. Generating revenue was important, but became less critical. There are many other ways to do that, as well as to lead in areas I care about, and other ways to continue to be of service to clients and to the world.

It was just time… 

… finally, to be of service to my own interests and dreams, too. Maybe you find yourself somewhere in that story. Maybe there is more for you, too?

But how do you pull it all together when you have so much invested in where you are?

new-directionsquiz-psmcI’ll share some other personal epiphanies in other posts – if you want to see them, sign up above right and I’ll let you know when I publish them (periodically, no barrage of emails here). But if you’ve been having some similar ah ha’s about your professional career, and other things you aspire to or that call to you, start by taking my New Directions Quiz.

See how close you are to pulling it all together for yourself.
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See where you are now, and what insights you get about where you want to go…

I look forward to hearing more about it, too!  Wishing you more clarity, purpose and fulfillment…
Cheers, Dolly