New Directions Assessment


Hi there!

From the list below, check off the questions you answer with a “yes” they will resemble some of the thoughts or feelings you may have had lately.  They can be hard to admit – even to yourself – and especially at a point where you’ve reached a level of career success yet find you are restless and ready for something… else… different… more. Woman and Doors crop

Listen, I’ve been there, and so have my clients. That gnawing uncertainty, combined with a vague, new calling and a recollection of dreams set aside, is usually why they choose to talk with me. Based on your answers, you may want to take advantage of that opportunity, too.

The fact is, you care: about your family, your work and the world. As a result, you’re likely drawn to ‘work smarter rather than harder’ (somehow…), use your experience and expertise in more meaningful ways, and make a bigger difference.  It is all possible – yes, for you.

When you complete the quiz checklist, click submit, and a new page will open with some feedback on what your responses signify.  I’ll tell you a bit more about my story, why I put this all together, and what’s possible. You’ll also have access to a valuable resource intended to help you decide on your best next move!

Cheers, Dolly

HERE are the questions: