Complimentary Discovery Session Questionnaire

Hi There!

This questionnaire is helpful preparation for our Discovery Session – my complimentary consultation. It is one short conversation that may make a big difference for your life, hopes, dreams, goals – and most importantly aspirations for what you want to create next. That is my hope and intention! 

The session is confidential and 1:1 with me. Answering these few short questions helps me better understand your current situation.  Then, when we talk, we can get started right away to gain clarity on your priorities right now, and identify your best next move forward.

When you click “submit,” I’ll get your information, and will review it in advance of our time together.

Sound good? I appreciate the opportunity to be better prepared for our time together!

Provide your background information here (please include as much detail as you like – it’s just between us):

Here’s what to expect:
Our meeting will be conducted by phone, or online conference via Skype or Zoom. I will call you, or contact you with connection details if other than phone.
Note: If you have any scheduling problems with my online calendar system, please send me a note directly on my contact page proposing a few different day and time options that work for your schedule and time zone. I’ll do my best to work you in.


Getting where YOU really want to go starts with investing in yourself. Taking this time IS the first step. Small steps can lead to big gains.

I look forward to meeting you to learn more about where you are now, and where you’d like to go next!