Meet Dolly

Dolly Garlo, RN, JD, BCC became known as The Mid-Career Reinvention Expert after her own journey from critical care nurse, to attorney and business owner, to board certified professional coach, speaker, author, environmental advocate, philanthropist and champion of women’s leadership. From her own experience combining preferred skills and changing course, and working with clients to do the same, she ‘cracked the code’ on how to create greater fulfillment in life and career quickly, easily and comprehensively. If any of that sounds like what you’re looking for, you have found the right place!

As President and CEO of Thrive!!, Inc.,  a coaching, consulting and training company, Dolly focuses on assisting professional solo and small firm business owners successfully navigate the professional evolutionary journey. She has worked with

  • Entrepreneurial professionals: on business development, strategic marketing design and implementation to expand client base and improve profitability
  • Tansitioning professionals: to make fulfilling career change or business-exit and personal lifestyle transformations, and
  • Contributing professionals who want to make a bigger positive impact in the world through current or new involvements.

Dolly is the creator of the “MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign” program, as well as the developer of “Creating Legacy,” her signature legacy planning program to help helping people design their unique blueprint to best make a lasting positive impact in the world for the people, places and things they care most about.

Education & Background Experience

Earning her BSN from the University of Michigan, and her JD from the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, Dolly practiced as a critical care registered nurse in Medical and Shock/Trauma ICU, followed by 16 years practicing civil and administrative law. She built, successfully operated and eventually sold her law firm advising professionals and health care businesses, Garlo Ward, P.C. in Austin, Texas, which is still operated by her former partner. Dolly then transitioned to coaching and consulting work, graduating from CoachU, one of the first coach training programs in the world. She has been certified as a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation since 1991, obtaining the Board Certified Coach credential from the global Center for Credentialling & Education in 2011; and is certified in the Retirement / Life Options, 2 Young 2 Retire, Money Breakthrough Method and Overcoming Underearning© programs. She has been coaching professionals and business owners since 1997, and developed expertise in comprehensive legacy planning as a result of her legal education and experience creating the Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve in Bloomville, Ohio from the family farm.

Your significance may be obscure to you,  but you may assume  that you are fulfilling your role
if you apply yourself  to converting your experience  to the highest advantage of others.
~ R. Buckminster Fuller

What I believe…

My experience has taught me that you have special gifts only you can realize and share with the world.  These are the things you do very well and easily, and love doing — things  you do so naturally you likely think it’s “no big deal.”  These gifts emerge in your personal life  as well as within the organizations and communities to which you belong. But this only happens if you are positioned in the right place with the right “fit” for your strengths – at whatever phase you are currently in on your professional journey.
I choose to encourage that expression of talent one person and group at a time because I know that it will make the world a more abundant and beautiful place. It’s the basis for all of my work with my clients and in my own life. Everyone, including me, is a teacher and a student concurrently. I love learning as much from my clients as hopefully, they do from me.

Where I come from…

A first generation American, my parents immigrated to the US from Poland and Lithuania settling in the Midwest in the 1950’s. (That’s my family when I was about age 6, the littlest.) I have lived all over the U.S. – New York, Ohio, Michigan, Utah, Texas and Florida.

Just as varied are my education and experiences as a  Registered Nurse in critical care, an Attorney & Counselor at Law, a Mediator, Health Care Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Workshop Leader and Professional Coach. I choose to focus on helping licensed professionals because I understand the path: from years of study and skills development, to mastering the business of practice, to managing debt and maximizing earning potential, to creating real wealth, to maximizing leadership influence and impact, to living a fully satisfying life and using your capacity to make a positive difference for the people and communities you serve.

I also know that those who exercise such capacity with grateful hearts and a generosity of spirit are a force to be reckoned with: they also have the greatest capacity to create positive change. Giving back for the gifts you’ve received, to benefit who and what you value – that professional evolution becomes the journey of a lifetime.

The journey is not without its trials and tribulations – choices between work, family and fun, experiences of self-doubt and personal growth, challenges of financial management and wealth mastery, caring for and losing the elders who have guided you …. It’s not about work/life balance so much as about integrating the best of it all and letting go of what really doesn’t matter or serve. That’s not always clear …


What I do…

In 1997, after nearly 20 years of professional practice, I formed Thrive!! Coaching, Consulting & Training to help others successfully navigate this journey of professional evolution – with all its change, choices, transition and amazing personal transformation. Together, we work to

  • realize clarity and fulfillment in your professional work and personal lives
  • grow and leverage business to improve profitability and streamline service delivery
  • make significant career changes, authentically, as needs and opportunities arise
  • begin the process of comprehensive legacy planning, to give back in a meaningful and significant way

It is a multi-faceted journey. My clients tell me they value my positive, holistic and integrated approach to coaching, inclusive rather than exclusive.  My work is a combination of humanistic, practical, scientific, and spiritual perspectives that helps my clients experience results in their business, personal and family lives, and in the impact they want to make at the individual, family and group, community and even global levels.


Why I do it …

My purpose is to assist great people to add value and do great things, creating success for themselves as well as for the people they serve. That’s my unique gift – helping you to transform: to be all you can be, experience an abundant and fulfilling life, and make the biggest impact possible for what you care about.  I believe I’m uniquely qualified to offer professional business owners like you the collaborative and supportive coaching services that meet you where you are, whether you need help in your current work, assistance with proven and practical ways to leverage and grow your business, are ready for a career transition, or in finding meaningful ways to create legacy now.

I do this work not only because I know I can help you, but because it is my own personal journey of transformation and another way to leave my own legacy.

Wishing you all your heart desires,




Dolly Garlo, RN, JD
CCE Board Certified Business, Leadership and Legacy Coach
President, Thrive!! Inc.