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If you’ve reached mid-career, early or full financial retirement, contemplating something new – so you can:

  • Live more of the life you’ve worked so hard to create
  • Take your experience, expertise and career success in a new direction
  • Engage in the work, community efforts and other involvements that deeply call to you now, and
  • Confidently lead the way to building a better world, while enjoying more of it along the way…

Then it may well be time for a MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign!

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As an accomplished professional, small business owner or senior executive in business or government service you may be eager for more:  inspired living, purposeful work, confident leadership and even meaningful legacy… 

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Masterful Life Redesign

What’s Next For You? This is the essential program uniquely developed for accomplished  professionals and business owners who long to live, work, lead and contribute with more personal satisfaction, meaning and joy!
A comprehensive full-life approach, systematically applied, the MLR format covers what’s most important to consider before making a significant career and life change.

Private 1 to 1 Coaching

A Collaborative Design Process. Coaching is a process of partnering to encourage self-discovery, clarify and align goals, inspire maximum potential and peak performance, and provide support and accountability for accelerating possibilities and realizing results. Working 1:1 we can address whatever is most significant for you in a customized way.
Two private formats available.

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My Purpose

My purpose is to assist great people to add value and do great things, creating success for themselves as well as for the people they serve. That’s my unique gift – helping you to transform: to be all you can be, experience an abundant and fulfilling life, and make the biggest impact possible for all you care about. I believe I’m uniquely qualified to provide the collaborative and supportive services that will serve you in building what’s next for your life, work, business, leadership, influence and impact.  I would love talk with you about that, and learn more about what you aspire to next – for your life and the world you care about.

“Make Your Wildest Dreams Of Success Come True”

Before I worked with Dolly, there were factors taking their toll on my business and my personal peace: the economy, time and money developing a recession proof product, and the slow but sure demise of my father and mother – I was intimately involved in managing their caregivers and rallying my siblings for assistance. The compound effect of these three factors were taking their toll. Working with Dolly was an absolute pleasure – welcoming, compassionate, organized, and insightful. She was no stranger to business and I felt in steady and capable hands. Working in community with all the other students facilitated deep insights as to directions and choices. I was able to grow from a struggling artist with potential to a fashion designer of couture silk art wear for destination island weddings, honeymoons and resort getaways with a business – not to mention being happily remarried and moving to Hawaii. Dolly works from the highest of integrity and I cannot recommend her more highly. May working with Dolly make your wildest dreams of success come true.

Jasmine Sky

Jasmine Sky Designs, Kailua-Kona, HI

When you’ve been a media executive for 30 years, it’s difficult for people to see you as anything else. I wanted to become a coach myself and get out of a profession that was increasingly frustrating and dead-end. Within five months of starting with Dolly, I had my own business and all that implies. I have been working with a wide variety of clients and specializing in helping small business owners and women who want to make changes in their lives. Through it all, Dolly was there, holding my hand, encouraging and supporting me. And because coaching is so holistic, Dolly also helped me through a number of personal issues as well. Jackie Harder

President, Key Dynamics Coaching and Consulting, Key Largo, Fl

When I contacted Dolly Garlo I really could not define what I wanted to do next in life – but I knew I needed a change from my practice in medical oncology. I was beginning to feel that no matter how hard I worked or how passionate I was about every one of my patients – I was not making enough difference. For more than 20 years I listened to patient stories and saw their anxiety and frustrations during their hospital stays. I had accumulated a spiral notebook of ideas and thoughts on how to improve bedside patient care in hospitals as part of my own written ventilation against the status quo. Dreams are one thing – but bringing them into reality takes a leap of faith and courage. Without Dolly, I would not have been able to finally declare that what I wanted to do next. Step by step, together, we worked a plan – and the dream has become a reality. Sharon Conley, PhD, MD

Founder & President/CEO, AVANCEN LLC

“Brought My Passion Into Focus And Allowed Me To Produce A Plan For Realizing My Vision” I have a small business that’s doing well, but I needed to develop an exit strategy. I also wanted to act on my desire to give back to my community. And, I wished to have something live on after I was gone. Dolly’s program gave me all three by providing a structure for achieving these goals. I have been passionate about health and wellness all my life, but the program brought my passion into focus and allowed me to produce a plan for realizing my vision. I couldn’t have gotten so far so fast without the program. It gave me a roadmap for getting from concept to completion. I would recommend it to anyone! Robin Herskowitz

President RH2 and Founder, HealthStart Foundation, Austin, Texas

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